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Affordable individual & relationship counselling service

located in Mardi NSW


"Thank you for providing such a safe space today 

to explore my feelings. I felt heard, supported and safe, which is a testimony to your ability as a great counsellor."



Ali Thompson

Adv Dip, Grad Dip Rel Coun, ACA Reg  

Ali's Counselling Services has been helping individuals & relationships through private practice based at Mardi on the central coast since 2011. I have vast experience working with all forms of counselling and regularly counsel clients with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, anger management, grief & loss, traumatic birth experience, childhood trauma, leaving abusive relationships, single parenting, addiction, workplace bullying, living with chronic pain, separation/divorce, sexual abuse, and much more.  

I have had great success in my areas of expertise. My main specialties are Relationship counselling, supporting women leaving domestic violence, and single parenting, supporting mature women through menopause, and life's transitions as we move through the aging process.  Also supporting women who are experiencing children leaving home and transitioning into the next phase of life.   


Prior to starting my practice my background has been within the age care sector as a community care nurse, as well as experience in youth work, counselling adolescents & working with vulnerable people.  As well as running my private practice I also work within age care facilities helping residents and families' members transition into age care homes.

Ali's Counselling Services can also provide counselling as part of the Employers Assistant Programs through Eudoxia & Converge International.


Ali's Counselling Services offers you a confidential, secure and supportive environment, where you can work through your problems, and have time to reflect upon your circumstances, without judgment. Family members and friends are not always able to provide an objective point of view which counselling can provide.


At Ali's Counselling Services we provide you the time, space & encouragement to explore and understand the issues you bring. While counselling is not magic or an instant cure, it can help you make effective decisions which will lead to positive changes for now & in the future.  There is no problem too big or too small to bring to counselling. 


Ali's Co​unselling Se​rvices covers all forms

of counselling


Covering every aspect intermate partner relationships

Also helping couples to separate, co-parent. successfully & blended families,'

Infidelity and any other issues or problems couples face

Individual counselling for women of all ages. I provide a relaxed comfortable atmosphere for women to share their problems & issues and feel safe to do so

Covering all relationships 

Family, friendships, work colleagues, parent & child

& any form of relationship

covering all forms of counselling for teenagers age 14 upwards


"All this time I believed that it was my fault that my relationship with my mother failed...

You have given me so much clarity thank you." 

Fees & hours of business


Each session runs for 1 hour BUT you can request 1.5 hour session time.

Initial individual Session price is $85, Subsequent session prices are as follows:

Full time worker $85 per hour

Part time worker $70 per hour

Non worker, pension or concession card holder $65 per hour

Couples & Relationship Session fees are as follows:

$120 per 1 hour session

$175 per 1.5 hour session

Get in touch

Hours & days of Business

Monday & Wednesday 9am to last appointment 3.30
Friday 9am to last appointment time 12pm

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