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Couple Counselling

I have extensive experience in Couples Counselling.  Some of  the reasons couples come to counselling are for infidelity,

communication issues, addictions, sexual problems, extended family issues, difference of options on parenting, blended families, relationship history problems.  I also see couples who wish to separate and need help to accomplish this respectfully and with limited conflict. What ever the issue in the relationship, having counselling can help provide a safe place to sort things through, with the help of the counsellor providing an objective point of view

Individual Counselling for Women

I have counselled women from all walks of life and all ages.  Some of the reasons you might come to see me are; Relationship problems, sexual problems, child hood abuse or trauma, Domestic violence, post natal depression, Empty Nest, addiction, life transitions, depression, grief or loss, anxiety, stress, traumatic child birth, lose of a child,  to name but a few.  What ever the reason it is never too big or too small to seek counselling

Individual Counselling for Men

Men need counselling too, and though there can be a stigma attached to men seeking help, I can honestly say from experience that it can be the best step a man can take.  I have extensive experience in counselling men of all ages.  Some of the reasons men might come to see me are; work place bulling, sexual assault, childhood abuse or trauma, relationship difficulties or break up, life's transitions, depression, anxiety, stress, post natal depression in men, loss of a child, grief and loss, mid life, addictions, sexual difficulties.  Seeking the help you need could be the best thing you do for yourself and those closest to you.

Relationship Counselling

Any type of relationship can have it's difficult times, parents & children, siblings, families, extended families, step-families, even friendships.  The counselling room can provide a safe place where each person is able to put their point across, to be heard, to feel acknowledged.  In this way a major issue can be brought down to size.

Teenage Counselling

Teenagers face a very confusing, unstable world.  They can sometimes feel that they do not know who to trust, or who will support them if they tell their inner most thoughts.  Being a teenager can be scary and unpredictable, no one seems to understand you or listen to your point of view.  There can also be situations where you need to share something that is troubling you and you do not know who to turn too.  I hold vast experience in youth work and also counselling young teens.  Having someone to listen to what you have to say without judgment, in a safe environment maybe all you need, do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment.