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Couple Counselling

I have extensive experience in successfully counselling Couples.

There are many reasons couples come to counselling:

Infidelity, communication issues, addictions, sexual problems, extended family issues, a difference of options on parenting, blended families, co -parenting, relationship history problems. I also see couples who wish to separate and need help to accomplish this respectfully and with limited conflict. I specialise in adult ADHD/ADD and its effects on the relationship. Whatever the issue in the relationship, having counselling can help provide a safe place to sort things through, with the help of the counsellor providing an objective point of view.

Individual Counselling for Women 

I have walked alongside many women of all ages through the years providing a safe & encouraging space. Women have found that having this comfortable space helps them to successfully explore what’s troubling them, away from the hustle and bustle of the world we live in. Lots of women have said they love the relaxing atmosphere my room provides & the friendly caring approach I have with them. Many of the reason’s women have come to counselling are relationship issues or break down, childhood abuse/ trauma, DV, PND, SID’s, Traumatic childbirth, life's transitions, depression & anxiety, grief & loss, addiction. For the mature women helping them cope with growing older, children leaving home, menopause,  and much  more. Whatever the issues no matter how big or small you will find help at Ali's Counselling


Relationship Counselling

Any type of relationship can have it's difficult times, parents & children, siblings, families, extended families, step-families, even friendships. The counselling room can provide a safe place where each person is able to put their point across, to be heard, to feel acknowledged. In this way a major issue can be brought down to size.

Teenage Counselling

Teenagers face a very confusing, unstable world. They can sometimes feel that they do not know who to trust, or who will support them if they tell their inner most thoughts. Being a teenager can be scary and unpredictable, no one seems to understand you or listen to your point of view. There can also be situations where you need to share something that is troubling you and you do not know who to turn too. I hold vast experience in youth work and also counselling young teens. from 14 years old and up.   Having someone to listen to what you have to say without judgment, in a safe environment maybe all you need, do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment.  


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