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When do I need Counselling ?

There are no hard and fast rules. If something is troubling you it can be worth spending some time thinking about why this may be happening. There are however a number of issues that may bring you to counselling, for example:
  • Relationship difficulties: Partner/Marriage, Children, Family, friends, or work colleagues. Issues with commitment, jealousy, or abuse. Separation and divorce. Sexual difficulties, or fear of intimacy, infidelity
  • Family issues: Step- children, blended families,  parenting, family breakup
  •  Sexual abuse, violent assault, unwanted pregnancy,
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, serious health problems
  • Bereavement: Grief & Loss, anger, loneliness, sadness, effected by suicide 
  • Lack of confidence: Worried about failing, never being good enough, feeling judged
  • Feeling isolated, empty, tearful, unloved, suicidal thoughts.
  • Repeated destructive behavior: Binge eating, self-harming, abusive relationships, alcohol, drugs, addictive behaviors
  • Feeling of being out of control, panic attacks, feelings of inadequacy
  • Transitioning: Whether from school, Uni, the workforce or from another culture it can be a difficult process which may require extra support
  • Exam and study stress